Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dragon One @ SS2

Dragon One, located at SS2, few shops away from Murni.

Wanted to come here long ago but never have a chance, it's so difficult to find a parking around especially at night, most occupied by Murni's customers.

Well, Murni was closed today for Hari Raya, plenty of parkings are available...

The menu, the foods are similar to Dragon-i, Shanghai 10 etc...

Inside the restaurant

Another view of the restaurant

My favorite Jasmine Tea

Shanghai Dumpling... Xiu Long Bao. The taste was average

This is not bad, fried Cheong Fun

Dumpling in Soya Sauce

Chef recommendation, Crab roe Ramen... YUM! Taste like shark fin soup.

Dumpling Ramen... ermm... so so only

Not too expensive huh?

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